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Santa Monica City Council - 2014 Voter Guide

QUIZ: Find Your Candidate Match

Local elections for Santa Monica, California took place on Tuesday November 4, 2014. has gathered views from the city council candidates into one website, so you can see what they have to say about issues in the community.

Click on a candidate, click on an issue, or take the quiz to see which candidate best matches your views on those issues. More than 600,000 people took a similar version of our quiz for the 2012 presidential election.

Click here for criteria on how candidates were selected for inclusion in our website. Candidates' responses (no more than 200 words long) and positions (pro, con, or not clearly pro or con) are taken directly from questionnaires they each completed for We have edited lightly for spelling, grammar, and nothing else. Candidates Jerry Rubin and Jon Mann were not included in this resource because they failed to turn in their responses by deadline.

Santa Monica City Council Election Results, 2014

2014 Santa Monica City Council Candidates (explore by candidate)
Whitney Scott Bain Whitney Scott Bain Nick Boles Nick Boles Phil Brock Phil Brock Michael Feinstien Michael Feinstein
Frank Gruber Frank Gruber Sue Himmelrich Sue Himmelrich
Jennifer Kennedy Jennifer Kennedy Terrance Later Terence Later
Kevin McKeown Kevin McKeown
Richard McKinnon Richard McKinnon Zoë Muntaner Zoë Muntaner Pam O'Connor Pam O'Connor

Questions for the Candidates
(explore by issue)
Airport (SMO)
Public Safety
City Hall
Notices for Santa Monica City Council and Other Information (archived after 30 days)

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